Aqua Initiative Supports New Wells in India

In 2015, the Aqua Initiative partnered with local organisation Digambarpur Angikar in India to work on building new wells in rural regions of the country. Due to funds raised through Aqua Initiative in the U.K., and partner projects in Dubai, we have been able to fund the construction to two tube wells for villages in Sundardan Island. We worked with the organisation to provide the funding for construction as well as hygiene, sanitation and maintenance training.

The Sundarban region was chosen as it is a highly underdeveloped area that is not currently considered by local government for development. The area particularly suffers from natural disasters such as cyclones and monsoons. The major economy of the area is fishing, with the local people catching and selling prawns, crab and fish to earn a living. Unfortunately, many of the local tribal people suffer from water borne diseases due to the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation.  

The work of the Aqua Iniative has been to repair damaged wells and focus on construction of tube wells which are pipes drilled into the ground to a water source and a manual pump forces the water to the surface. The pumps were constructed in partnership between the local charity and people in the villages. The project also included a door-to-door hygiene and sanitation training program to improve local health. 

Through our fundraising events, we aim to be able to provide sustainable and impactful projects which give communities around the world access to clean drinking water. Thanks to the work of our partners, we have been able to introduce these new wells which will be a huge benefit to the local community, providing women and children the ability to work and learn without the need to walk miles each day to gather clean water. 

The outcome of the project has been the introduction of new clean water wells, improved hygiene and sanitation knowledge, upgrades to damaged projects and training and developing young community members to maintain and manage the water pumps. This means thousands of local villagers will have safe access to drinking water. 

Since registering as a charity, the Aqua Initiative has been able to raise tens of thousands of pounds for charity, and provide clean water solutions to people all over the world. These new India projects add to our list of countries, including Rwanda, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kenya and Sudan. We are proud that these new projects continue our impactful work and help improve global access to clean water. 

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