Aqua Initiative Supports New Wells in India

In 2015, the Aqua Initiative partnered with local organisation Digambarpur Angikar in India to work on building new wells in rural regions of the country. Due to funds raised through Aqua Initiative in the U.K., and partner projects in Dubai, we have been able to fund the construction to two tube wells for villages in Sundardan Island. We worked with the organisation to provide the funding for construction as well as hygiene, sanitation and maintenance training.

The Sundarban region was chosen as it is a highly underdeveloped area that is not currently considered by local government for development. The area particularly suffers from natural disasters such as cyclones and monsoons. The major economy of the area is fishing, with the local people catching and selling prawns, crab and fish to earn a living. Unfortunately, many of the local tribal people suffer from water borne diseases due to the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation.  

The work of the Aqua Iniative has been to repair damaged wells and focus on construction of tube wells which are pipes drilled into the ground to a water source and a manual pump forces the water to the surface. The pumps were constructed in partnership between the local charity and people in the villages. The project also included a door-to-door hygiene and sanitation training program to improve local health. 

Through our fundraising events, we aim to be able to provide sustainable and impactful projects which give communities around the world access to clean drinking water. Thanks to the work of our partners, we have been able to introduce these new wells which will be a huge benefit to the local community, providing women and children the ability to work and learn without the need to walk miles each day to gather clean water. 

The outcome of the project has been the introduction of new clean water wells, improved hygiene and sanitation knowledge, upgrades to damaged projects and training and developing young community members to maintain and manage the water pumps. This means thousands of local villagers will have safe access to drinking water. 

Since registering as a charity, the Aqua Initiative has been able to raise tens of thousands of pounds for charity, and provide clean water solutions to people all over the world. These new India projects add to our list of countries, including Rwanda, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kenya and Sudan. We are proud that these new projects continue our impactful work and help improve global access to clean water. 

A Change of Plan

Putting on charity events is difficult. The competition is extensive and there is so much more to consider financially, as you’re trying to gain sponsors, cover all costs and maximize donations. Putting on a charity event is especially difficult, when you are a brand new charity, with little support and awareness yet. That is where the Aqua Initiative is.

Over the past months, myself (Edward Pollock, CEO of the Aqua Initiative) and some other voluntary event coordinators have been putting in plans for the Aqua Initiative’s first ever Clean Water Gala. The plans have all come together great, and I’m very excited that we’d put on a great event. The gala was scheduled to take place on Friday 19th September at Hilton Aberdeen Treetops from 6:30pm –midnight.

However, despite the planning going well, the trouble we faced was that the Aqua Initiative is such a new charity, that the local community doesn’t really know much about us, or has any reason to trust us. With a month to go, we’ve struggled to sell tickets, despite our best efforts. whois directory . transfer domain . The challenge lies in the fact that companies in Aberdeen are inundated with event invitations, until they know who the charity are and what they do, they are unlikely to buy tickets.

With these issues hanging over our heads, I took the decision to try and make some more time. The 19th September was always a difficult date due to local holidays as well as it being the date after the vote on Scottish Independence, but it was the only date available at the venue. I didn’t want to rush the event, and possibly face a low quality event that I wasn’t proud of.

Therefore, the Aqua Initiative has decided to postpone our Clean Water Gala to allow ourselves to reach out to new supporters and sell more tickets to the event. We are proud to announce that the rescheduled date for our Clean Water Gala shall be Saturday 28th February 2015!

Nothing else about the event has changed, it is still at Hilton Aberdeen Treetops, from 6:30pm – 00:00am with a three course meal, arrival drink and entertainment for a price of £50 per person, with all the money going to clean water projects.

Running a charity is hard, and we’re all volunteers here, and this is our first time doing this, and we’re just trying to put on the best event possible We hope this change in date does not impact any of our supporters, and we hope we can count on as much help as possible to spread the word about the event and make it a great success. Our mission as always is to eradicate global water poverty, and our Clean Water Gala in 2015 will bring us a big step closer to a poverty free world.

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Clean Water Gala 2014

Update: The Clean Water Gala has been resechuled to take place on Saturday 28th February 2015. Please read the full story here. 

The Aqua Initiative is glad to officially announce our first annual “Clean Water Gala” shall be held on Friday 19th September 2014 Saturday 28th February 2015! This elegant fundraising gala shall be held at Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen and will feature arrival drinks, a three course meal, and entertainment, along with some fundraising and charity updates. The evening will start at 6:30pm, and last until midnight. Tickets are priced at £50 per person, and all the money made will go to providing clean water to individuals around the world.

This is the first event the Aqua Initiative has hosted in the United Kingdom, and will act as our official launch event, after having become an officially registered charity. The event looks bring individuals from across the city together for a night of food, entertainment and life changing fundraising. Organisers are working to ensure that the full ticket price is donated to the charities projects around the world.

Event organiser, and charity CEO, Edward Pollock said: “I’m incredibly excited that we’re able to launch this event. It’s the first one we’ve ever done, so it’s both very exciting and terrifying. We’re working to make sure we provide a high quality evening that is worth our supporters time and money, but also to make as much money for our projects as possible. We would love to see the local community and businesses in Aberdeen get on board and support our life changing work.”

At this point, the final menu and entertainment is yet to be announced, however as soon as details emerge, they will be made public. At this point, we’ve launched our online ticket sales page, which can be seen below, and payment by cheque is also available. Full tables for the event are also available. For further information or questions, please contact

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Welcome to 2014

Another new year has arrived once again, and I’m not even sure where the last one went. 2013 was a fantastic year for the Aqua Initiative and we’ve made some fantastic developments. We started the year with nothing but a dream of a world where everyone had access to clean water and sanitation. While having a dream is great, it’s taking action on that dream where the real change happens. In 2013, we took action and made the biggest leap in our history, and became a fully registered charity in Scotland. This now means we are a legitimate organisation and will be able to spread our dream to a larger audience and make an even bigger change.

However, becoming a registered charity is certainly not a simple task. If you don’t know, as CEO and Founder if the Aqua Initiative, I’m still only 19 years old. domain dns info I have a passion and I have a dream of what the Aqua Initiative can do, but I haven’t exactly run a charity before. transfer domain There is plenty of places where mistakes can be made, and I don’t want to do anything to negatively impact the good work that we are trying to do. ask mr robot wow Therefore, in 2013, we took things slow, making sure we got all our foundations in place to support us when we start working.

Part of these foundations was technical and legal elements, such as gaining tax status from the UK Tax and Customs Office (the documents have been submitted and are being processed, it is these documents that are preventing us from operating at the moment, incase we are taxed). Other technical elements include setting up donation portals, such as our text line that we set up this year, allowing supporters to text “AQUA13 £5” to 70070 to donate directly to us.

Other foundations we put down this year were defining the image of the Aqua Initiative. As a charity, we want to be as transparent, modern and engaging as possible, so we wanted a look that reflected that. subdomains . Along with our UK launch on 22nd March 2013, we had a major revamp of our website and social media sites, with the launch of our new logo and dynamic website (which you’re on right now). These were a great achievement for us, and sets us up with a professional look for when we begin operations.

Well, what’s next for 2014? Due to the time getting these foundations in place, many of our objectives for 2013 were not fully achieved, therefore we hope to continue to work on them in 2014. Our aim is to begin operations and get up and running with a major launch event. We hope to engage with the local community in Aberdeen, where we are based, and begin our awareness and fundraising opportunities with local schools, businesses and more. web whois . This will eventually lead us to using the donations we received in 2013, and those we shall receive in 2014 to go to beneficial and sustainable water projects around the world and to helping the lives of thousands of people.

There’s a long way to go, and we’re only just taking our first steps. But we believe even the smallest effort can make a difference. find a domain . There is a great opportunity to save lives and the Aqua Initiative is determined to bring about this change through providing clean water. web whois We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in the past year and we hope for your continued support in the years to come. We’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!


Join Our Online World!

We’re pretty much like everyone else around the world. Even though we’re a charity and we have big problems to solve, we still have a cheeky Facebook and Twitter check while we’re working away. Popping up pictures on Instagram every five minutes. ask mr robot wow But, at the Aqua Initiative, we don’t mind. We’re happy to embrace the social revolution and encourage the use of social media and the internet to spread our cause.

In the years to come, social media is going to become more and more vital for charities. (I’ve even written a whole blog on it.) The Aqua Initiative is looking to use our online platforms to raise awareness about our cause and inspire people to take action. We invite you to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to us on YouTube. There’s links down at the bottom of the page and on this post. We know it’s a bit cheeky to ask, but we need as much support as we can get. load test a website ip checker The more supporters we get, the more good we can do. So click the button, share our work, and help us change the world!

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Official Charity Registration

Woo Hoo! Great news! We’re very proud to announce that the Aqua Initiative is now an officially registered charity in Scotland! Our new, legal, charity number is SC043864! Our official registration came through on the 18th March 2013 and our launch as an official charity was on 22nd March 2013. It’s incredible to think that only a few years ago, the Aqua Initiative was nothing but an ambitious dream of a small teenager, but now it has grown to become a real charity making a difference to thousands of people around the world.

The Aqua Initiative started as high school project by founder Edward Pollock and went on to arrange several fundraising and awareness events to go towards the construction of water projects around the world. As a school project in Dubai, U.A.E., the Aqua Initiative donated to projects in Kenya, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sudan, India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. Now, in 2013, the Aqua Initiative has moved to the U.K. ask mr robot wow . and has rebranded and registered to operate as a legal charity and continue to work to raise funds to provide access to clean water for thousands around the globe!

Watch our World Water Day 2013 Message

This news marks the start of the Aqua Initiative’s launch in the U.K. We have a lot of exciting ideas and dreams for the future, and this is our first official step as an official charity! We’ve got quite a few legal aspects to organize before we get started as we have to organize our bank accounts, apply for tax status and more, but it won’t be long until we’re able to get to work and make a difference. domain dns info whois directory top domains load test a website

Our New Website

Well, look at that! Welcome to our lovely, shiny new website! This is now the place to come for all of the latest Aqua Initiative news, pictures, information and more! It’s quite embarrassing to even think about how our website looked before. Incase you don’t know, the Aqua Initiative is a charity that works to bring access to clean water and sanitation to underdeveloped communities around the world. We’ve worked to build this website to allow our supporters access to as much information as they require on various aspects of our work.

The ‘Them‘ section will allow you to explore the most important people we work with, and that is the benefactors of our charity. This section of the website allows you to learn about the horrific issues that face millions of communities around the world who do not have access to clean water and sanitation. We are working hard to eradicate these issues, and provide this basic human right to people we desperately deserve it.

The ‘You‘ section provides information to allow our supporters to help us take action and gives ways in which you can make a difference. Whether that is donating, learning about the crisis, volunteering, fundraising or more, there is many ways in which you can be involved. As a charity, we intend to inspire others to take action and help as much as possible to bring about a positive change.

The ‘Us‘ section lets you take a closer look at us as a charity. We want to be as transparent as possible and there’s plenty of information on this site to let you know exactly what we’re up to, why we’re doing it, who we are and more. We’re being as open as possible, you can look at our team, check out our finances, learn about our history and more. We also have our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles which we will use to give updates on the cause, our work and the latest news.

Our ‘News‘ section acts like our blog and will be our chance to give the latest updates about what we’re doing as a charity, provide information from our work in the field, as well as writing articles on developments in the water and sanitation industry. I hope you think the website is as cool as we do, and we invite you to go for an explore and check out all the pages.


The Aqua Initiative owes an incredible amount of thanks to Bond Media, who generously offered to design and build our new website. They’ve done an amazing job and been a great support to the Aqua Initiative. They’ve worked with us over the past year to build the best website we could ask for, and we owe them the greatest amount of thanks possible.

We look forward to sharing lots of exciting news with you and we hope that you will support us as we continue to bring clean water to the world.