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We’re pretty much like everyone else around the world. Even though we’re a charity and we have big problems to solve, we still have a cheeky Facebook and Twitter check while we’re working away. Popping up pictures on Instagram every five minutes. ask mr robot wow But, at the Aqua Initiative, we don’t mind. We’re happy to embrace the social revolution and encourage the use of social media and the internet to spread our cause.

In the years to come, social media is going to become more and more vital for charities. (I’ve even written a whole blog on it.)┬áThe Aqua Initiative is looking to use our online platforms to raise awareness about our cause and inspire people to take action. We invite you to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to us on YouTube. There’s links down at the bottom of the page and on this post. We know it’s a bit cheeky to ask, but we need as much support as we can get. load test a website ip checker The more supporters we get, the more good we can do. So click the button, share our work, and help us change the world!

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