Our Projects

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At this point, the Aqua Initiative haven’t got any specific projects in Ethiopia, however it is our of our main focus areas and we’ve previously donated to training programs and hygiene workshops. We’re also looking into working here very soon.

Our Trips

Kokosa Trip 2012

Ethiopia is the country in which both of the founding members visited and got the inspiration to continue the project. In 2012, the CEO of the Aqua Initiative, Edward Pollock took a trip to Ethiopia and visited many areas from the capital Addis Ababa to a rural village of Kokosa.

Edward was guided by WaterAid Ethiopia and the Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resource Association. Over the period of the trip Edward went to visit Kokosa, where the local village was struggling with a strong lack of access to clean water. Edward met with village authorities who spoke about how many of the villagers were sick and that previous water projects had failed and the community needed urgent investment if they were to repair these projects.

Edward explored much of the local area, met families and children and saw both dirty natural springs that local people were forced to use as well as wells, hand pumps and reservoirs that had been built in neighbouring villages bringing clean water to all. It was an amazing trip, and the Aqua Initiative intents to work with the charities and try and help these individuals in the near future.



  • Capital City: Addis Ababa
  • Currency: Ethiopia Birr
  • Access to Water:¬†Estimated 46% of population
  • Access to Sanitation:
    Estimated 21% of population