The Aqua Initiative can’t bring the world clean drinking water and access to sanitation without a spot of help. For the majority of our projects we work with other charities, NGOs and companies to achieve our goals. These are those organizations that help us make a difference.

A Better World


The Aqua Initiative began working with A Better Worldin 2012 when looking for partners to help with the construction of wellswith our 2012 revenue. We work closely with the Director to work onprojects in Afghanistan and Kenya. A Better World is a humanitariantravel organization that raises money for various projects. They havemany contacts at the sites who are able to location sites and facilitatethe construction.



The Aqua Initiative has donated funds to the UK’s biggestcharity for water and sanitation and has contributed to their work incountries around the world. Our contacts at WaterAid have beenextremely supportive when we were starting out and provided muchmedia and support. We have also worked closely with WaterAidEthiopia and their partners who we are working with to location andfund various well projects.

The Water Project


Using leftover funds from World Water Day 2011,the Aqua Initiative contributed to a dying well project in Rwanda thathad run out of funding. The Water Project were able to use it’s partnersand contacts to complete the project.

LifeStraw by Vestergaard Frandsen

http://www.vestergaard-frandsen.com/lifestraw The Aqua Initiative looks to explore how innovative inventions can be used to aid the global population. We first worked with Vestergaard Frandsen in 2012 to distribute four hundred LifeStraw units and one hundred LifeStraw Family units to communities in Sudan. This project was assisted by Save The Children in Sudan.

Women's Interlink Foundation


The Aqua Initiative has worked withthis small charity organization based in India to contribute to theconstruction of many wells and hand pumps on the India-Bangladeshborder. The organization works help women and children have accessbasic facilities and improve their lives.

Ethio-Wetlands and Natural Resource Association


The Aqua Initiative first came in contact with EWNRA in 2012 during our first visitto Ethiopia. They were extremely supportive of our trip and helped usby showing us a number of projects.