Our Mission

The Aqua Initiative strives to provide access to clean drinking water and facilities for sanitation to every individual on earth.

Our Strategy

The Aqua Initiative intends to achieve our mission of bringing clean water and sanitation to impoverished communities around the world through our goals of raising awareness and funds for the cause. We intend to undertake activities and operate in a manner that allows us to create awareness about our work and the cause we work for in the hope of inspiring others to take action and donate to raise funds for the cause.

Our Finances

The Aqua Initiative intends to operate with a spirit of transparency and shall attempt to ensure all donations and finances can be tracked. We shall operate with two funds, as explained here, with all operational costs being taken souled for a separate fund to the donations. All donations received shall pay exclusively for resources and projects for the charities benefactors. These donations may go through trusted partners on the ground.

Our Developmental Focus

The Aqua Initiative shall explore several options to give our benefactors the best opportunities possible. We shall donate funds to providing resources appropriate to the community, whether wells, hand pumps, or modern technological devices such as filtration devices and other water collection and treatment products. Our projects are intended to be as appropriate and sustainable as possible, and we are interested in exploring new technologies.

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