Financial and Legal Documents

financial legal

We want all of our supporters to trust in us, therefore, we will publish all of our financial and legal documents on our website if you wish to look into them. All of the money donated for projects will go to the projects. If you want any more information, get in touch.

  • Constitution

    This is the legal document outlining what we as a charity do and are permitted to do. This is registered with the charities register to allow us to operate. Download
  • Annual Reports

    These are our annual reports of accounts about the money we’vebeen taking in and where we’ve been spending it. It should highlightthe overall cash statement of the charity to show all the money hasbeen donated and any profit has went to the right place. Download
  • Cash Flow

    Another form of financial information that the charity may use is that of cash flow documents. These are likely to be from individual events that the charity organizes. Other financial information will be included in these documents. Download
  • Members Lists

    It is our obligation to let the public know who is responsible for running the charity and who has the right to make decisions on it’s behalf. However, we can only publish the name of the members with their permission and cannot publish their contact information. If any individual wishes to become a member of the charity, they should go to the ‘Meet Us’ page. Download