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The Aqua Initiative is able to help loads of people because loads of people help us. From the founders, to the trustees, to staff to supporters and partners, we are thankful and dependent on everyone involved.


Edward Pollock, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Nationality: British

Born: 12th September 1994

The head and guiding force behind the Aqua Initiative, Edward was born in Scotland where he lived for twelve years before moving to Dubai in 2007. There he joined Dubai International Academy and began the Aqua Initiative movement. The initial idea of raising funds to build a single well, expanded to become a much larger project once Edward saw the devastating effects of the world water crisis through research. Inspired by the heart-breaking facts and images, at age 14, he launched the first ever World Water Day celebrations, and through presentations and small events was able to start raising awareness and funds. He then joined with Aman Ghose to form the Aqua Initiative and continue to grow the project.

After Aman’s departure from the organization, Edward built the Aqua Initiative up, making thousands of pounds through continuing the highly successful events at his high school. In these initial years, the Aqua Initiative managed to build projects all over the world from Kenya to Afghanistan to Sudan to India. After graduating high school having gained a great amount of experience and awards, Edward began studying Event Management at Robert Gordon University in Scotland. After visiting projects in Ethiopia and seeing the issues face-to-face, Edward was inspired to take the project to the highest level. Back in the UK, Edward proceeded to get the Aqua Initiative officially registered as a charity. What started as a simple school project has now become a charity that is making a global different. Edward serves as the charities Chief Executive Officer and Head of the Board of Trustees in the UK.

Aman Ghose, Co-Founder

Nationality: Indian

Born: 11th December 1992

Aman became involved in the project after a trip to Ethiopia with a school group. While there, he saw the impact that a lack of clean water has on communities and decided as part of a school project he would work to change that. After observing Edward’s World Water Day presentation, Aman decided tojoin forces with Edward and form the Aqua Initiative. After a highlysuccessful year, Aman left the project to focus onacademics and now attends Claremont McKenna College in the United States.


Edward Pollock – Head of Board of Trustees

Chief Executive Officer (2012 – present)

Thomas Pollock – Trustee

Chief Communications Officer (2013 – present)

Athol Cadger – Trustee

Chief Financial Officer (2013 – present)


No Current Staff


  • Edward Pollock
  • Thomas Pollock
  • Athol Cadger

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Dubai International Academy

The host of our presentations and carnival and the birthplace of the Aqua Initiative, Dubai International Academy is a very important supporter of our work. It continues to support its current Water for Life Club and facilitate its fundraising work.

Bond Media Bond Media have been fundamental in the development of the charity in being our partners in terms of our website and logo. They’ve been fantastic supporters and we’re extremely grateful.

Aqualyng Aqualyng has continually sponsored us for our Water for Life Carnivals for many years and has always been involved in the work of the Aqua Initiative. It’s thanks to their continual support and donation that the project has been able to grow.

Grayloc Products Ltd and Rollstud Ltd Grayloc Products Ltd and Rollstud Ltd have also been highly influentialwith their donations to the Aqua Initiative during it\'s forming stages and made a major impact toour work and have helped us achieve what we have. The director is Rollstud has also gone on to become one of the charities trustees.

Service Support

The Aqua Initiative is also grateful to various technology companies, such as Communique, Bond Media and DMC Technology, that have supported us with our website. There are also a number of companies, such as Desert Chill, Dubai Drums, Frenzy Events, Teen Club Culture, Wild Wadi, Subway, Baby Face Photography, Spectrum Printing and Party Planet that donated their time towards helping out at the carnival.