Money Trail






We work like every other charity, however, we want to ensure that those who donate to us can trust in us. Our charity operates with two funds, the main donation fund and the ‘reservoir’. The main fund is all of our donations and every penny of this money will go to our projects around the world. The reservoir is a unique fund consisting of sponsorship and specific donations used only for the operational running of the charity and its events. Therefore, if you donate money to us, you can be sure that all of it will go to the project. We are the transparent charity that you can trust.

We want you to be able to follow your money from your pocket to the project, and if you ask us where each coin went, we can tell you. We’ll post all of our financial and legal details online and you can follow the money trail. We also try and make sure that our costs are all covered, therefore, for an event; we try and get sponsorship before to cover all costs so all of your money is donated. Depending on the project, the money made through donations or events will either be spent on direct projects we organize or given to our trusted partners for a project we agreed on.

Money Trail Diagrams

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