Our Work


The Aqua Initiative operates for different objectives, from raising awareness, to raising funds to the projects on the ground that the funds go towards. For news on our specific projects and activities, view the ‘News’ section. The following is an overview of the various activities we undertake to help achieve our overall mission.

Raising Awareness

The Aqua Initiative works to bring the facts and realities of the World Water Crisis to individuals around the world in the hope of inspiring them to help make a change. We run various education presentations and events at schools to challenge the youth of today to aspire to make the effort to change the world one small step at a time. We also take trips to impoverished communities without access to water as part of documentary projects to bring real information back to our supporters. We also publish facts and information on the issues online through our digital content such as this website, our Facebook and Twitter profiles, our YouTube channel and others. Small activities such as these can help educate the wider community on the World Water Crisis and bring them a step closer to helping.


One of our key methods of raising funds is through organizing our own activities, or helping others to raise money for our cause. There are many ways in which you can help raise money, as seen here. The Aqua Initiative relies on finance from events, donations and otherwise to support our on the ground projects as well as to fund our operations. The following are ways in which the Aqua Initiative funds our operations and projects.


One of the main ways in which the Aqua Initiative tries to raisemoney is through hosting events. When we were founded,events such as World Water Day were our lifeblood. In themodern world, we can’t rely on donations, so organizing funevents where all the money goes to charity is an exciting way tosave the world. Events ranging from small bake sales, toconcerts to carnivals, the Aqua Initiative works to provideopportunities for supports to get involved, have a good time, andmake money to provide clean water and sanitation.Our biggest events run on World Water Day in March eachyear. Our legacy in Dubai is that of the World Water DayCarnival which is a massive event that runs at DubaiInternational Academy with bouncy castles, slides, rides andattractions, food, music and more with all the proceeds going tothe Aqua Initiative. These events have been able to fundmultiple hand pumps around the world. Our supporters of eventslike this in the past have included Subway, Wild WadiWaterpark, Frenzy Events, Desert Chill Ice Cream and manymore. If you would like to learn about howto organize your own fundraising events, then click here.


Pretty much every charity in the world works in this area. We tryand raise money for our cause through getting donations fromsponsors. Donations go such a long way and is your way ofliterally saving lives. We also like to guarantee the money thatyou donate goes straight to the projects. However, we alsoaccept donations in our ‘reservoir’ that covers our operational work. If you would like to donate toour cause, click \\\'Donate\\\' in the menu bar.


Another method in which the Aqua Initiative sometimes uses to raise money is through branded merchandise. In the past we’ve had our own jute bags, pens and more. All of the profit from the merchandise would be donated either to our projects or to our ‘reservoir’ fund for operational costs.


Our most valuable work is our projects on the ground. Using the funds we raise, we work with various partners and charities to build and deliver resources to communities to allow them access to clean water and sanitation. Each location is vastly different and we use various different methods and products to bring clean water to the people. Each different project that we undertake is extremely valuable to us, and it is why we operate. Water brings life, and our core goal is to bring this source of life to everyone on earth, as is their human right.

We would like to encourage you to explore all the places that we work and see the projects that we have created so far.

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