Press and Awards

The Aqua Initiative started as simple children reaching to do the Impossible, and achieving it. It’s continued in that light and strives to be as unique and successful as possible. We’ve been lucky enough to gain a great amount of media attention that has allowed our work to grow and reach more people as well as receiving prestigious awards.


International Diana Award - 2012

This prestigious award was given to CEO of the Aqua Initiative, Edward Pollock in 2012, for his work in establishing the Aqua Initiative at such a young age and achieving such massive success despite facing a great amount of personal adversity.

BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Award – Nominated – 2012

The CEO of the Aqua Initiative, Edward Pollock, was nominated as a Teen Hero based on his strength during personal adversity and amazing success in founding the organization. Pollock was nominated for the award and had a high chance of winning, however due to technicalities in turning eighteen a week before the ceremony, was unable to be selected for the final category.

BOLDTalks Open Heart Award - 2012

This award was given to the Aqua Initiative CEO on Saturday 25th February 2012 for an outstanding contribution to a global cause. The award is for an individual or organization that has acted charitably and helped bring about an understanding in the community and taken global action. The Aqua Initiative was chosen due to it’s contribution to helping those around the world without clean water.

Khaleej Times Green Warrior Award – 2011

Khaleej Times ‘Friday’ Magazine recognized CEO of the Aqua Initiative, Edward Pollock, as a green warrior. This title was due to the work that the Aqua Initiative had done in providing water to individuals that eventually has an impact on the environment.


Evening Express- “Teen makes a splash by providing clean water” – 2012

On Monday 19th November, the Scottish newspaper, Evening Express, published it’s second large article on the work of the Aqua Initiative. This article detailed the charities work in 2012, and the amazing achievements it’s been able to make. The article discusses the projects being conducted in Kenya, Afghanistan and Sudan as well as the charities plans for the future and it’s re-launch in the UK.

Press and Journal - "Giving an oasis of hope to the water-starved" - 2012

At the same time as the Evening Express article was published on Wednesday 8th August, another Scottish newspaper published a shorter article about the Aqua Initiative and it’s CEO, Edward Pollock receiving the Diana award.

Evening Express - "Water Guy" - 2012

On Wednesday 8th August, the Evening Express in Scotland ran a two-page spread on the work of the Aqua Initiative and on it’s CEO, EdwardPollock receiving the International Diana Award. The article discusseshow the organization was formed and how it developed into receivingthis massive international award. This article was the first and largestpress item published for the charities new launch in the UK.

TimeOut Dubai - "Lend a hand for World Water Day" - 2012

The Aqua Initiative had a feature section in the Community Section ofthe 22nd – 28th February edition of Time Out Dubai. This articlediscussed the formation of the Aqua Initiative and the work of it’sPresident and Founder, Edward Pollock and the impact it has had onthe global community. The article also introduced the World Water DayCarnival of 2012.

Khaleej Times - "Green Warriors" - 2011

As part of their environmental special report in ‘Wknd’ magazine,Khaleej Times did a feature on the work of the Aqua Initiative. Theinterviewed the President and Founder, Edward Pollock and namedhim one of their ‘Green Warriors’ of 2011.

HyperSun Al Barsha - "Water good idea" - 2011

This is a short feature in a local Dubai magazine about the work of the AquaInitiative its President and Founder Edward Pollock.

Gulf News - "UAE teenagers making a world of difference" - 2010

Gulf News attended Dubai International Academy’s second annualWorld Water Day Presentation where the founders, Edward Pollockand Aman Ghose delivered speeches to the entire school, educatingthem on the issues associated with the World Water Crisis.

Gulf News - "Teenagers make water conservation priority as they try to raise awareness" - 2009

This was the first time that the Aqua Initiative’s work was published in anational newspaper. The article discusses the plans of the organizationand how it came about that such a union was formed.