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The Aqua Initiative also runs a number of events and activities, and are always in need of volunteers. Volunteers can come in all shapes and sizes. Volunteers could be individuals who support us by helping to spread awareness. Volunteer your time to speak to your local
community or schools or friends and family about the issues and let them know that the Aqua Initiative is here for them to help make a difference to the world.

Volunteers could also be for any of the events that we run. From large scale events such as the World Water Day Carnival to small sales, we are always looking for individuals to help run the stalls, design posters, videos, supervise the event, be ushers, catering staff or any help at all. We also need volunteers to help run the charity from helping with finances to marketing. Even our CEO is a volunteer! Based on our model that all our money goes to the projects, we cannot hire staff; therefore volunteering is all we can depend on.

We are always looking for volunteers of all ages, whether you are in high school or university and looking for work experience for your CV or are a working adult, looking to make a difference to the world, we’re here for you. If you volunteer with us, you’ll gain unique training and experience of helping our charity and have something truly worthwhile to put on your CV and to tell your friends and family. You will genuinely be saving lives, and that’s pretty awesome. If you are interested in volunteering with us fill out the short form below to be added to our database, and if an opportunity arises we’ll be able to get in touch.

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